Why subscribe?

If you're joining the social token space in 2021 there are seemingly hundreds of Discord servers, tools, creators and events going on, it's hard to know where to start…

The goal of the Social Tokens Playbook is to provide a helpful reference for creators working on their own token and a starting point for people who are interested in launching their own personal or community token. Each issue I’ll be publishing deep-dives and guides on topics like:

  • Setting up a token gated Discord server for your community

  • Launching a membership NFT badge

  • Setting up a tipping bot for your community

  • Understanding the difference between the various token generating platforms

  • How to gate your premium content behind a token paywall

I’ll also be talking with token creators from across the community to learn how they’ve been approaching their social token projects.

Is this free?

Kind of. This substack newsletter is completely free, each post will feature some interesting tidbits from the social token space. However, the deep dives will be gated behind an NFT token-gate.

You can purchase a 2021 season pass NFT on Rarible (link coming soon) to unlock all of the premium content posted in 2021.