Introducing the Social Tokens Playbook

social tokens, so hot right now!

Welcome to Social Tokens Playbook by me, Devin.

Social tokens are in for a big year in 2021, there’s already so many amazing discussions taking place over countless Discord servers. Honestly, it’s a little overwhelming to even know where to jump in and get started.

Enter the Social Tokens Playbook, a monthly newsletter featuring deep-dives into topics like:

  • Setting up a token gated Discord server for your community

  • Launching a membership NFT badge

  • Setting up a tipping bot for your community

  • Understanding the difference between the various token generating platforms

  • How to gate your premium content behind a token paywall

My goal is to hopefully make it a little easier for people to jump in, and start experimenting with social tokens.

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In the meantime, tell your friends!