The Social Tokens Map

Introducing a collaborative community map for the Social Token space

Hi, I’m Devin Mancuso and this is the 1st edition of the Social Tokens Playbook, a newsletter designed to showcase some of the most interesting ideas, communities and projects happening in the Social Tokens space. I try to make this one of the most value-packed emails you get each month!


The social tokens space has been growing rapidly over the last few months, with new tools, sites, communities, tokens and projects launching every week, it’s becoming increasingly troublesome to keep up.

Navigating the social tokens space for newcomers can also feel a bit like jumping down the 🐇 🕳. — each new Discord server unearths another handful of new projects, tokens, integrations and ideas to consider. It doesn’t take long for your Discord sidebar to start overflowing with unread badges…

And it’s not just newcomers who are feeling the pressure of this constant influx of new information, I’ve been speaking with lots of token creators over the past few months and it’s not uncommon to hear comments such as:

“Hmm I wonder how they are doing that with their channels?”

“Who made that tool you’re using in your Server?”

“Does an NFT tool X exist to solve for Y?”

“I didn’t even know such a community existed!”

I can empathize, I’ve been asking a lot of the same questions as I continue to ponder the launch of $DEVIN. With so many new projects and communities emerging each week, I’ve turned to maintaining my own personal wiki-doc in Notion to try and keep track of everything.

Whenever I mentioned this to folks, it sounded like this would be a useful doc to share, but I suspected that there are more than few holes in my knowledge of the space…

This felt like an opportunity to drawn from the collective knowledge of the community — so inspired by other collaborative Figma projects like ‘Virtual Figbooks’, I wanted to turn my personal wiki into a broader community experiment that we could all collectively contribute to and build out as a shared-resource.

The Social Tokens Map

Introducing the Social Tokens Map, a publicly editable Figma file, which features a list of tools, communities, creators and guides for working with social tokens. Everything a creator would need to get started launching their own token; from Discord tipping bots to governance platforms.

Launch the Social Tokens Map

🗺 The Map

Editing the Map is as simple as finding a blank template card and adding the required metadata: title, description, social links. Know of a tool that’s not listed? Add it! Know of a great community that’s been missed? Add it!

📚 The Playbook

The playbook features a series of ‘recipes’ which illustrate the various tools that need to be integrated to perform a particular function. E.g Token gating a server for your community — you’re going to want to plug together Discord +

💰 Bounties

We’ve also included a bounty mechanism to allow members to incentivize the community to address certain gaps in the map. Want to know how to set up NFT staking for your community members? Drop a bounty on the missing recipe and perhaps someone will pick it up!


Hopefully this map can grow to become a useful resource for the social tokens community. I’m excited to launch this little experiment with you all and see how we can evolve this map together! 🙌

Questions, feedback, ideas? — reply here or ping me on Discord at @devin#2565

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